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We are Gray's Cages. A family owned and operated cage and supply company located in Vicksburg, MI.

With multiple sales units, we can and do service shows in multiple states in the Midwest.

Our products line is growing.

Ez Feet

Available in the colors shown.

$2.50 each

Classic Mint Conditioner

Can you smell the minty goodness?  We now have our Classic Mint Conditioner. Improves condition and finish.


4# Bag       $  7.00

20# Box       $26.00

Tattoo Wraps


Made of heavy cotton duck with 4 inch Velcro © strips for a secure closure. Available in 4 sizes.


All-In-One: Probiotic-Vitamins - Electrolyte


Uses: Alleviate stress issues, maintain gut PH, supplement trace minerals add electrolytes.


Know About Gray's Cages

We have over 10 years of experience building cages and carriers. We have raised both rabbits and cavies so we understand the needs of our customers.


From our humble beginnings of making cages in our garage, we have grown to a multi-unit company with a modern shop. We carry a full line of cages, from single  units 18 X 24 inches to multi-stack units with three, four, six or nine holes.

 We have the two piece feeders that do not require cutting a hole in your cages and the twist crocks that lock into the bottom wire to prevent spilling. Also an exclusive dealer for Equa Tat Two Tattoo pens.


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Why Do Breeders Choose  Gray's Cages?

We are humbled by the respect and confidence that our customers have in our products and our service. We understand that the comments by our satisfied customers is what helps our business grow. We appreciate your support and comments.


"It is refreshing to do business with a family owned company that understands what the customer is requesting, offers suggestions based on knowledge, but does not push you to buy something they want you to buy. They carry quality products with exceptional craftsmanship at a fair price. Gray's Cages is our go to company for all our small animal supplies." JB


" Kudos on your new business! I appreciate the quality of your cages and carriers and your willingness to work with me on a custom order in a tight time frame. Wishing you much success!" D.S.


"Gray's Cage gets our business! They run a down to earth, honest business and are willing to work with you to get you exactly what you need." D.D. & D.W.

Contact Us:   chris@grayscages.com  269-858-6544

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Contact Us:  chris@grayscages.com   269-858-6544

chris@grayscages.com     269-858-6544

Why Do Breeders choose Gray's Cages